A Simple Way To Track Links

You spent a lot of time and money aquiring those links. Shouldn't you make sure that hard work wasn't for nothing?

Placement Verification

There's nothing worse than aquiring a Link only to find it's been taken down. RankPro regularly verifies that your links are still in place.

Index Verification

Did my link index? Did my link get de-indexed? RankPro regularly checks the index status if your links.

Metrics Verification

Ever wonder which of your links you should power up? We'll monitor your links to see which are strongest and aquiring links of their own.

Footprint Checker

Don't make a rookie mistake and get your site penalized or de-index. RankPro's Footprint tracking will make sure you aren't building links will cause IP address footprints.

A Safe Way To Build Links

The one thing everybody in the SEO community wants to know is how to get links. That's where RankPro Opportunites come in.

Find Affordable Guest Posts

Every SEO is building their own list of Guest Post opportunities. Work with other RankPro members to find relevant sites that fit your client or SEO.

Swap Links

Did you know that RankPro actually started as a system to safely swap links on our Networks. With the Penalty Check and Footprint Tracking systems, along with Domain Masking, RankPro users are able work together to find powerful and relevant links. All it costs you is a link on your network. It's a win-win for everybody.

Sell Links

Maybe you're not into swapping links or you don't have your own Network. You can purchase links with the same confiednece as those swapping links with our Penalty Check and Footprint Tracking systems.

Is This A Marketplace?

I like to say it's community more than a marketplace. The big differences is that RankPro DOES NOT TAKE A COMMISSION! That's right, if money changes hands for links or services that is between community members.

A New Way To View Rankings

Rank Trackers are great but seeing that you're up 1654 spots and down 1590 spots doesn't really tell you much about how your site is doing. RankPro is a new way to view Rankings.

Links And Rankings Together At Last

Unless you can see your rankings in context with all the Links and Actions you've taken to rank a site it's hard to know what's working and what's not. RankPro blends that information so you can see the whole picture when analyzing your SEO efforts and Rankings.

Not All Keyword Movements Are Equal

Nobody cares if a keyword goes from 88 to 53 but everybody cares if a keywords goes from 2 to 6 or 7 to 1. RankPro's Page Score and Change Score metrics help you see though the noise of keyword movements to the pages that are moving and the movements that actually matter.

Keep An Eye On The Competition

Don't just follow your rankings, follow the rankings of your competition too. Add competitors to your Projects and RankPro will track their rankings for your keywords. The next time there is an algorithm change it will be much easier to sort out the winners from the losers in your niche.

Built In Rank Tracker

Adding keywords to your Rank Tracker has never been easier. With the built in RankPro Tracker or your own Rank Tracker integration you can add keywords to any project in seconds.

Rank Tracker Integrations

Already have your own Rank Tracker and want to pull your rankings into RankPro? If your tracker has an APwe'll integrate it. Contact Us to see talk about integration.

An Easy Way To Manage Your Network

Running a network can be a pain in the ass. RankPro has the tools and alerts you need to monitor and even profit from your PBN or Guest Post networks.

Are Your Sites Health?

RankPro will preform regular Penality Checks, Uptime Monitoring and Index Verification to make sure your sites are health.

Maximize Your Network

Work with other RankPro users to swap and sell links to maximize your network's value.

Link Safe Within Your Network

With the RankPro Footprint Tracker you won't have to worry about blindly building links to or from the same server.

It's All About The Money

Wouldn't you like to know which of your network sites aren't profitable? The Network Ledger helps you track your expenses and revenues so you can turn a liablity into a true asset.

Here It From Our Original Users

Before RankPro was a paid resource, our users used it to build and track thousands of links.

Take Advantage Of Beta Pricing

Finally an affordable SEO Tool

Small Business Package

$29.00 / month

  • Track 200 Keywords
  • Monitor 2 Websites
  • Monitor 10 Of Your Competitors
  • Create Team Member Logins
  • Get Guest Posts From The Marketplace

Ready To Take Your Tracking To The Next Level ?